Our "Standard" Home Inspection

We provide a thorough, detailed evaluation of single-family dwellings. These inspections are a visual examination of the structure, and the exterior and interior systems and components of a residence. We identify material defects and include all of the items listed below, and much more.

  • roof & roof flashing
  • attic
  • skylights
  • roof gutters & spouts
  • eaves & fascia
  • chimney & fireplace
  • exterior wall cladding
  • porches & decks
  • balconies
  • exterior grounds
  • foundation system
  • plumbing fixtures
  • water pipes
  • drainpipes
  • gas pipes
  • electrical system
  • heating system
  • cooling system
  • doors & windows
  • ceilings & walls
  • floors
  • built-in appliances
  • garages
  • swimming pools & spas

The inspection and the written report of our findings do not just meet industry standards – we exceed them. Our reports are logical, easy to read and conveniently separate functional conditions, informational content, defects, and potential safety issues. The .pdf version of the report is conveniently bookmarked so you can easily navigate each Section. In addition, we also include a separate summary of the report that lists the deficiencies identified in the inspection. After staff review, the final written report of our findings is delivered per your requested method of delivery, but usually via e-mail, the next business day following the inspection. The report is also available from our website for viewing, downloading or printing for 90 days.

Our "Comprehensive" Home Inspection

For residential buyers desiring more than the standard home inspection, we offer a Comprehensive Home Inspection. This inspection is the most authoritative available from any single source. The Comprehensive Inspection differs dramatically from the industry-standard home inspection which is commonly referred to as a limited inspection. While both inspections identify existing and potential problems, the Comprehensive Inspection goes into much greater depth using licensed specialists to supplement our inspectors, and includes recommended solutions with cost estimates to correct problems identified in the inspection. Although normally provided for estate type properties, the Comprehensive Inspection is available for all homes. Because of the number of experts used, this inspection can take up to two weeks to complete.

Our Inspectors
Electrical Contractor
Plumbing Contractor
Roofing Contractor
HVAC Contractor
Elevator Contractor¹
Civil Engineer
Licensed Geologist¹
Mold Inspection
Radon Inspection
Asbestos Inspection¹
Lead Paint Inspection¹
Thermographic Inspection²
Alarm/Security Specialist
Chimney Video Scope
Sewer Video Scope
Permit Search
Written Report
Photographic Documentation³
Recommended Solutions
Cost Estimates for Solutions
Liquidated Damages

¹ When applicable.
² Infrared inspection for building heat loss and heat gain.
³ The Standard Inspection includes photos of some but not all items that need attention. The Comprehensive Inspection includes photos of all items.