Our structural inspections provide an overview of a building’s structural condition. We identify existing symptoms that suggest a possible structural problem, confirm if the identified conditions are problematic, and if problematic, provide recommendations for needed correction.

The focus of the inspection is the integrity of the various structural components and elements that comprise a building. This examination includes the form of construction, the stability and integrity of the foundation system, bearing walls, roof framing, ceiling framing, floor framing, fastening systems, and seismic restraint systems, etc. Both existing and potential problems are evaluated.

Following are common conditions we often see that may indicate an existing or potential structural problem:

We also evaluate structural modifications done without permit (e.g., removal of a bearing wall, wall opening added, soil excavated below the building, etc.), retaining walls, fire damage, earthquake damage, wind damage, and masonry chimneys.

The written report of our findings includes photographic documentation of identified conditions. It is written in laymen terms so it is easy to read and understand and is signed and stamped by a licensed Civil Engineer (it is a misdemeanor in California for anyone other than a licensed engineer or architect to render a structural opinion). This document presents our professional opinion and is accepted by Building Authorities, lenders, insurance companies, real estate firms, and appraisers. The report is delivered per your requested method of delivery, but usually via e-mail. It is also available from our website for viewing, downloading or printing for 90 days.