Expert Witness

Whether you are an attorney, architect, contractor, subcontractor, construction manager, owner, or building inspector, we are able to provide the necessary understanding to ensure an informed and knowledgeable approach to your dispute . . and we do this in practical and meaningful terms. Our goal is to provide an informed, unbiased opinion and form a close productive working relationship with our client.

We thoroughly investigate and evaluate any issues pertinent to a dispute. This support includes, but is not limited to, onsite forensic investigation and an exhaustive review of all relevant documentation, including an examination of inspection reports, correspondence, contracts, design documents, bid estimates, schedules, change orders, building codes, and standards of practice.

Although construction and inspection-related claims are often complex, we are able to distinguish and define the relevant facts of a claim. If a claim is tried or arbitrated, our comprehensive and exhaustive research and ability to communicate to a judge, arbiter, or jury provides a reliable impartial account so they can more easily distinguish truth from allegations. It is not uncommon, however, for disputes to be settled after our investigation and research is completed and we present our findings.

Don Boatwright has served as a panel member of the American Arbitration Association since 1994, and has been appointed as a sole arbitrator or group panelist to more than two dozen arbitrations. These cases have involved disputes over single-family, multifamily and commercial construction, and include projects built on private and government land. This experience uniquely qualifies him as an expert. He knows and understands what is meaningful and how to present this information before a trier of fact.