Defective Furnaces in California

Consolidated Industries (formerly Premier Furnace Co.), manufactured approximately 140,000 furnaces for sale in California between 1983 and 1994 that pose a substantial risk of fire. The units involved are gas-fired horizontal furnaces equipped with steel "NOx" rods installed above the burners and are commonly called NOx rod furnaces. Although it has been more than two decades, many of these furnaces are still in use today.

On July 9, 2001, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a recall of approximately 30,000 of the subject furnaces that were sold by private labelers. The firms that sold these furnaces under their own labels are: Amana, Bard, Carrier, Goetti, Goodman, Heat Controller, and Trane. The additional estimated 110,000 of these furnaces were distributed under the brand names Consolidated, Premier, Addison, and Weatherking. These were not covered by the recall program and there was private litigation to enable consumers to recover at least some of their out-of-pocket expenses for replacement or repair of the involved furnaces, but the opportunity for remedy from litigation has expired.

Normally, the involved furnaces are installed in attics, although some may be installed in crawl spaces. The brand name and model number are written on a label on an outside panel of the furnace, and a listing of the recalled furnaces can be obtained at the CPSC's web site at the following link:

Consolidated or Premier furnaces with model numbers starting "HAC", "HBA", "HCA", or "HCC" and ending with an "X" in the last three characters (e.g. X, RX, RXC, RXD) and Addison Products Company Addison and Weatherking furnaces models beginning with "GHC" and ending in either "CC" or "DX" are included in the safety alert.

Suggestions for improving fire safety of all horizontal forced-air furnaces in attics